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Many schools are drawn to the exciting environments of the tidepools or Willow Creek. Unfortunately for many schools, they have restrictions on students being near water, and are unable to experience the programs we offer at these incredible sites. For these schools, we began offering alternative programming so students can still come to enjoy and learn in Sonoma Coast State Park. Under the Marine Education program, teachers can chose for their students to participate in the following curriculum areas:

  • Cultural History: students learn about the area's early settlers - the Pomo, redwood loggers, ranchers, and Russians
  • Marine Protected Areas and Marine Wildlife: each season brings something new to the coast, and students can come learn and view seabirds (April through August), harbor seals (March through August), and gray whales (January through May)
  • Mediterranean Climate: the unique coastal climate has allowed for special adaptations of the native botany, which students can discover
  • Geology: there are just as many things to teach as there are things to explore at the Sonoma Coast, with excellent viewing of the San Andreas Fault, tectonic plates, marine terraces/uplift, erosion, and more
Tasks: Volunteers will teach students of varying grade levels all subject matter using our developed curriculum.

Meeting times: Length of school tours vary, scheduled on weekdays throughout the year.

Training and requirements: Contact our office for the latest information. Volunteers will then shadow experienced staff and/or volunteers until they feel comfortable on their own. New volunteers are required to attend one General Orientation, and encouraged to attend our affordable seminars to further their education. All new volunteers are required to complete and turn in a hard copy of the CA State Parks DPR 208 paperwork. Read our Volunteer Handbook for more information about becoming a volunteer.


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Contact Andrew Scott via email or phone at (322)788.8244.

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