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Sonoma Coast State Park

Park Overview

Fire Recovery and Reopening Your Parks (4/13/21):

The forest floor of Armstrong Redwoods SNR is projected to open by Memorial Day weekend baring any unforeseen tree hazards. The uplands trails, including East Ridge and Pool Ridge will reopen sometime this summer. Austin Creek SRA, including Bullfrog Pond Campground, won't reopen until late summer or early fall.

State Parks Staff, Stewards' staff and State Park Volunteers are hard at work removing and processing down trees into firewood, rebuilding burned fencing, restoring trails and assessing hazardous conditions at Armstrong Redwoods SNR and Austin Creek SRA. We will soon be working on restoring Bullfrog Pond Campground which entails restoring the water system, utilities, rebuilding a burned restroom. If you are interested in Volunteering follow the instructions on THIS PAGE of our website.

Financial resources are needed as ALL revenue generated at Armstrong Redwoods for Stewards' work has stopped

(day-use fees, camping fees, visitor center sales).


While fires help forests to Renew • Revive • Regenerate,
Stewards needs YOUR HELP to welcome you back safely into your STATE PARKS!

 Thank you so very much for your support!


Sonoma Coast State Park Sonoma Coast State Park (SP) is located between Jenner and Bodega Bay on Highway 1. This 10,000+ acre park was established in 1934 and includes over 19 miles of trails. It is actually a series of beaches separated by rock bluffs and headlands extending 17 miles from Bodega Head to Vista Trail 4 miles north of Jenner. The long sandy beaches below rugged headlands, a craggy coastline with natural rock arches and secluded coves are features that make this State Park one of California's most scenic attractions. Beachcombers, fishermen, sunbathers and picnickers can access the beach from more than a dozen points along the coast from Hwy. 1. The Rangers' Station is located on the north side of Salmon Creek on Hwy 1.

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