Armstrong Redwoods/Austin Creek Fire Recovery

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    Please consider a donation to our Fire Recovery Fund to support the staff efforts needed to mobilize volunteers for implementing fire recovery efforts in both Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve and Austin Creek State Recreation Area, including Bullfrog Pond campground.

    Your contribution will help Stewards replace burned infrastructure and rehabilitate park resources:  

    We will be working on trail rehabilitation, replacing picnic tables, fencing, signage,  replacing our tool trailer, wood splitter, other equipment & supplies, & processing down tress into firewood (a huge endeavor).

    Fire recovery will be a joint endeavor between Stewards and our California State Parks partner, along with other nonprofit partner organizations. We are grateful for your shared love of our parks and for any amount you can give to help us make them accessible to you again.

    To donate to the Fire Recovery Fund, select "one-time" or "recurring" below, choose your donation amount (or specify a different amount at the bottom of the list), then select the Armstrong Redwoods/Austin Creek Fire Recovery Fund from the drop down menu.

    Thank you so much for helping us reach our initial $100,000 goal!!

    We've raised our goal to $200,000, which will help carry us into 2021 and get your parks reopened ASAP.

    Please note if you select "Recurring" you will be able to cancel your recurring donation or edit your payment method any time. Please also note, recurring donations help stretch your donation dollars further by saving our outreach resources and by assisting us in budgeting for our future programs.

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