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California is home to an amazing and diverse population of seabirds. Stewards' Seabird Protection and Citizen Science Monitoring program began in 2013, thanks to funding from the Bureau of Land Management. Stewards is partnering with the California Coastal National Monument (CCNM) to monitor seabirds off the Sonoma Coast and eventually create a local Chapter of the Seabird Protection Network.

A Seabird Protection Network works to reduce human disturbance to seabirds and other wildlife along the California coast through an organized outreach and education program combined with law enforcement and seabird management actions. The first step is to monitor local seabirds to determine the level of distrubance and from what sources. Seabirds can be disturbed by hikers, low-flying planes and helicopters, boats and paddlers, hang gliders and fireworks.

Did you know that disturbances to seabirds during breeding season can:

• Scare birds off their nests
• Dislodge eggs and chicks from nest sites
• Allow predators access to eggs and chicks
• Lead to deaths when eggs and chicks are exposed to heat and cold
• Cause chicks to drown when they are forced to leave the nest too soon.

Reporting Wildlife Disturbances or Concerns

Email Stewards Staff -  report a problem or concern from your shift. 

Marine Mammal Center - report abandoned or injured marine mammals.

Wildlife Disturbance Form - Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary form for reporting seabird and marine mammal disturbances. Be sure you understand how to use the form before you fill it out. 

For more information, contact Michele Luna via email or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 1#.

Seabird Monitoring
Citizen Monitoring Training Documents

If any of these files are too large for you to download please contact us and we will provide a hard copy.

Stewards' Seabird Monitoring Protocol - Meghan Walla-Murphy and Team

California Coastal National Monument - Presentation by Rick Hanks, BLM (large pdf file)

Seabird Protection Network - Sage Tezak, Seabird Protection Network (pdf file)

Seabirds of Sonoma Coast - Photo Journal by Hollis Bewley (large pdf file)

Sea Ranch Stewardship Task Force - Seabird Monitoring Program - Diane Hichwa

Monitoring Logistics and Protocols - Jim Weigand, BLM

Bodega Head Vantage Points (large file) - Dr. Joe Mortenson

Gull ID Sheet - John Muir Laws (used by permission)

Bird Species List - 2012 update

Identifying Neonate Pinnipeds - Dr. Joe Mortenson

CA Pinniped Presentation - Dr. Joe Mortenson

Seabird Resource Links - prepared by Hollis Bewley

Volunteer Stipend Form

Survey Forms for Citizen Monitors

Non-Breeding Survey Form

Breeding Survey Form

Coastal Island Survey Form

Legend for above Forms

Pinniped Survey Form for Bodega Head

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Photo: Sonoma Coast seabird monitoring Photo: Sonoma Coast seabird monitoring Photo: Sonoma Coast seabird monitoring Photo: Sonoma Coast seabird monitoring
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