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Live the cultural history of the Sonoma Coast by stepping back in time. This docent-led program for students in grades 4-7 offers insights into the area's natural history as it pertains to our cultural resource heritage. 

Docents work with teachers and students to lay the groundwork for a two-day overnight camping experience that takes place from Shell Beach to Pomo Canyon Campground. The journey begins at Shell Beach where the students study the geology and archeology of the area. They hike over the historic Pomo Trail to Red Hill where they rotate through learning stations. The first day ends at Pomo Canyon Campground where they set up camp. The second day includes a final ceremony and stewardship project. The program includes a classroom visit, teacher’s guide, docent-led activities and staff support. Stewards also offers a less comprehensive one-day program.

Fourth and fifth grade participants focus on simulating and recreating the historic lifestyles of the Southwestern Kashaya Pomo, members of the Russian American Fur Company, loggers and ranchers. Students are divided into groups that research the daily activities, survival needs, and land use practices of the cultural group to which they are assigned.

The sixth grade programs focus more on the Willow Creek Watershed. Students research the impact of the cultural groups mentioned above as well as other environmental factors on the health of the watershed. On-site they collect and compare data, recreate lifestyles, create a timeline and develop an understanding of the watershed through mapping and water quality testing.

Docents are available for the greater part of two days during the week, but do not stay overnight.

Many of the seminars offered through Stewards' Docent and Community Education Series will help prepare docents for this exciting volunteer program. Orientation sessions provide new docents the opportunity to mentor with experienced docents until they are ready to lead their own group.

Orientation Sessions

Docent and Community Education Seminars

For more information, contact Sarah Angulo via email or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 5#.

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