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Forest to the Sea Multi-visits and Camping Programs

Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods' nature and science programs offers an opportunity for students K-12 to get to know, experience, understand, and appreciate the great natural beauty of western Sonoma County. The primary focus is exploring the ecosystems of Armstrong Woods State Natural Reserve and the Russian River District State Parks, including the Sonoma Coast. This striking natural area inspires and motivates students and sparks their enthusiasm for learning about their environment. Through our class visits, field trips and hands-on activities, students learn about all aspects of the redwood, watersheds and coastal ecosystems from the Forest to the Sea.

Overnight Camping Program

Stewards employs experienced and professional naturalists, teachers, and science education specialists to develop and implement these programs to meet the interests and academic requirements of Sonoma County students and their teachers. We utilize meaningful educational experiences in our curriculum, enabling students to meet the recently adopted Next Generation Science Standards as well as Common Core Curriculum Standards.

The program often begins with a classroom visit that introduces the students’ upcoming outdoor experience. This visit also enables them to see the connections between their school environment and the natural environment. This introduction helps the students feel comfortable about their upcoming trip, which is especially important for students who may not have much experience in forest and coastal settings.

We offer a well-planned and organized environmental education curriculum, but we are more than willing to work with the teacher or school to design a customized program to meet the specific needs of a particular class, school, or grade level. Our 4th grade and older students now have an opportunity to participate in our Forest to the Sea overnight Camping in Parks Program. Stewards has camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, camp kitchen)  that we can loan out for overnight programs. 

Our approach emphasizes “Place-based Learning” in the natural environment. This approach to teaching and learning provides a way for the students to come to know, in a meaningful and personal way, that this natural place, with its myriad marvels, gifts, and natural wonders, is not only available to them but, as citizens of California, it belongs to them.

After participating in the program, students come to realize that they have an opportunity and responsibility to become stewards of their environment, wherever they live. Through place-based learning, students come to see that they are an integral part of their community. To learn more about place-based learning, go to:

For more information, contact Michele Luna via email or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 1#.

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Photo: Overnight Camping Program Photo: Armstrong Redwoods place-based Redwood Ecology Program Photo: Armstrong Redwoods place-based Redwood Ecology Program
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