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Armstrong Redwoods Redwood Ecology ProgramBring your class to a State Park and provide your students with an exceptional environment and opportunity for learning. California's North Coast is a land rich in natural and cultural history, biological diversity and distinctive geology. Stewards has developed hands-on environmental education programs designed to enhance the environmental curriculum being taught in classrooms.

Designed for school groups from Kindergarten through 12th Grade; these programs are available for Armstrong Redwoods SNR, Austin Creek SRA, Sonoma Coast SP beaches and Willow Creek watershed. For each location, we have a variety of educational aids available; including unique tours, on-site activities and follow-up lessons. The programs center around field trips led by our staff and State Parks Volunteer Docents who provide young people with an exceptional opportunity for learning about the unique local environment. Students come away from their experience with a great appreciation of our natural environment and an understanding of the importance of practicing good stewardship.

Each program is tailored to specific subject areas and to the particular learning environment of each park unit. Pre-visit activities will provide a preparation for the field trip and post-visit activities will help to reinforce and apply the knowledge obtained in the on-site program. All activities will be outlined in a teacher's manual that you will receive in advance. The program costs will vary in relation to the program type and location. Take advantage of the natural wonders in your own "backyard" by planning an environmental field trip for your class.

Advanced reservations are REQUIRED. You can download or complete the Reservation forms online. This enables us to notify State Parks staff and volunteer docents.

For more information, contact Michele Luna via email or phone at (707) 869-9177 x 1#.

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Photo: Armstrong Redwoods place-based Redwood Ecology Program Photo; Armstrong Redwoods place-based school group education Photo: Armstrong Redwoods place-based Redwood Ecology Program Photo: Armstrong Redwoods place-based Redwood Ecology Program Photo: Armstrong Redwoods place-based Redwood Ecology Program
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