Redwood EdRedwood  Ed, written by Michael Roa, is  a guide designed for those who want to learn and those who want to  help others learn about the magnificent coastal redwood environment.  The focus of Redwood Ed is on  the Sequoia sempervirens species and can be used throughout the coastal redwood region, from southern Oregon to Big Sur. Redwood Ed  is written for teachers, docents, parents, youth group leaders, naturalists and  anyone who wants a comprehensive guide to the coast redwood forests and parks.  It is intended to provide information in a format that is easy-to-use and  understand,
rather than an in-depth scientific study of the redwood region and  parks. 

Redwood  Ed provides the user with information on:

  • The human history of the coastal redwood region
  • Basic scientific principles (in essence, a review of high school science)
  • The  sciences particular to the Coast Redwood ecosystem
  • How to set up and conduct a field trip to a redwood park
  • Lessons and  activities created for pre-trip information, in-the-field activities and post-trip review
  • Up-to-date  resources and Contact Lists

You can obtain copies of Redwood Ed by downloading or ordering hard copies or DVDs.

Download Redwood Ed Files:

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Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction (784 KB)
Natural History - pages 7-13 (844 KB)
a target="_blank" href="../images/red_ed3_nathist_pgs14to50.pdf">Natural History - pages 14-59 (1.2 MB)
Natural History- pages 51-57 (124 KB)
Natural History - pages 58-84 (1.2 MB)
Natural History - pages 85-104 (1.2 MB)
Human History - pages 105-114 (576 KB)
Human History - pages 115-123 (1.4 MB)
Human History - pages 124-132 (2.3 MB)
Human History - pages 133-139 (2.4 MB)
Human History - pages 140-156 (1.1 MB)
Human History - pages 157-169 (2.4 MB)
Human History - pages 170-178 (208 KB)
Field Trips - pages 179-188 (258 KB)
Lessons and Activities - pages 189-241 (1 MB)
Lessons and Activities - pages 242-279 (236 KB)
Lessons and Activities - pages 280-328 (788 KB)
Lessons and Activities - pages 329-376 (426 KB)
Appendices - pages 377-430 (254 KB)

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